Hi and welcome to Justin Wilson online!

I am a Senior Digital Marketing Officer at the University of Manchester and have previously helping businesses to realise the opportunities presented by online.

This follows time spent as a Digital Marketing Manager within Automotive, a Digital Communications Manager in Financial Services, and a freelance Digital Marketing Consultant in Online Retail, Event Management and Charity.

I have a wide experience across all digital disciplines including ecommerce, affiliate marketing, search engine marketing, social media, online advertising, email marketing, web analytics, web development.

This was preceeded by spending 14 years working in FMCG with Coca-Cola Enterprises in a number of marketing, business development and sales roles.

My job is to help businesses harness all relevant digital tools to achieve their broader strategic marketing objectives.

So, what’s my digital marketing philisophy?

  • Digital marketing needs to contribute towards the overall business strategy – if it is not contributing towards this, you should question why you are doing it (hopefully before your MD asks you the question!)
  • Prioritise the channels which will contribute best towards your objectives – is your objective awareness, engagement, direct response?  What tool would help you achieve this with this most effectively?  Is it the web, off-page, social media, email?
  • Go where your audience is – you cannot rely on your audience finding you, so go out to where they spend their time online with enagging content
  • Make your efforts accountable – track your digital campaigns all the way through to the bottom line: transform conversions to leads, sales and revenue.  One of the benefits of digital marketing is how closely you can monitor and show the value that your campaigns are delivering

I firmly believe that having a digital presence in itself is not enough to deliver your objectives.  An effective Digital Marketing campaign must be rooted in business strategy with identified objectives set against this in order to measure impact, engagement and ultimately, results – be this improved search engine optimisation, or audience engagement via social media presence.

I am results driven and I like to work collaboratively whilst providing constructive challenge where appropriate.  As such, you can expect the following from me:

  • Ability to quickly develop effective business relationships at all levels
  • Commercially strong, an experienced influencer with negotiation skills to reach win-win solutions
  • Coaching management style to drive high performing teams
  • Committed to personal development to ensure continued learning – ensuring that you benefit from the latest thinking in the Digital community

Thanks for visiting my site, and I look forward to meeting you in the off-line world!

I hope you enjoy the site, and if you need more information, just contact me via the contact page.


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