A Week In Digital – 11th May 2012

Are you afraid of the content generation?  Don’t be!

Content is King

When discussing social media, one of the questions that I am often asked is ‘I understand that social media and blogs are important, but I worry that I will run out of things to say!’.

With every client that I have worked with, I have got them to a place where the problem is not thinking of what to talk about – the problem has been which content to prioritise and actually post, moving them from famine to feast so to speak!

But how have I helped my clients to do this?  Here are some of the tips that I have shared with them, which has changed content generation from something they are wary of to something that they can actually enjoy.

Have a clear strategy – if you don’t have a plan for your content, how can you tell if what you are doing is working?  Spend time working out what you want in the long-term from your content (whether it is on your web-site or a social media platform), and put in milestones to help you get there.

Know your frequency – you want a presence on your audience’s news feed, but you don’t want to overwhelm them.  And your frequency for each social media platform is different.  A Twitter post tends to ‘live’ for about 3 hours, but it receives 50% of its clicks in its first 10 mins – so posting 5 or so Tweets per day should ensure a presence.  For Facebook, an update lasts around 6-8 hours, so once or maybe twice per day should be enough to maintain a consistent presence on your audience’s news feed.

There is content already out there – engagement is key in social media and blogging, so why not contribute towards the conversation.  Identify who your key influencers are (not necessarily those with the biggest followers, those with the best targeted followers) and share their updates, retweet or reply to them.  Start the virtuous circle of engagement, its called social media for a reason!

Have a calendar – for B2C businesses, this is pretty straight forward.  Posting on the themes of bank holidays and occasions (e.g. Christmas, Mother’s Day) will help give your content some structure.  Slightly more tricky for B2B businesses, but there are still industry-specific events throughout the year around which you can post (e.g. awards evenings or anything important to your audience).

Measure, measure, measure – regular measurement is tell you which posts are working – are they sent in the right format (e.g. with photo, video, asking a question, etc.), are they sent on the right day, are they sent at the right time of day, are they engaging your audience.  Measurement will answer these questions.

Hopefully you’ll agree now that content is nothing to be afraid of – spend some time planning your content and you have taken the first step towards becoming a key influencer yourself!

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