A Week In Digital – 22nd June 2012

5 Quick PPC Tips

Pay Per Click

We are in an era where Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is becoming more and more challenging.  Google Panda updates and constantly changing algorithms are making SEO more expensive, and organisations of all size are looking at Pay Per Click (PPC) as a solution.

I have worked on a number of PPC campaigns for my clients, and here are 5 quick tips to get the most bang for your PPC buck.

Do your research – Investing some time before you start will save you a lot of money.  Find out why your customers come to you – what is unique about you, what do you offer?  Include these benefits in the main body of the advert.

What is the competition doing – find out what phrases and keywords they are using in their adverts.  If you can’t find any, find out the approximate number of searches for keywords by using a tool like Google’s AdWord Keyword Tool – this will give you an idea of the volume of traffic, level of competition and how expensive using these keywords is likely to be.

Have an impact – an obvious one, but advertising has to have an impact and you have not got a lot of space to do it in, just 70 characters or half a tweet!  Each word needs to justify its place in the ad, so focus on one or two key benefits, and keep the copy readable.  The best ads are in the mind-set of the searcher, and Google has a tool to enable you to get into their mind-set.  Its Dynamic Keyword Insertion allows you to use the searcher’s search term in your advert.  If your ad is well targeted, this is a great way of capturing their attention

Test, test and test again – as advertising guru David Ogilvy once said ‘never stop testing and your advertising will never stop improving’.  The ability to understand the impact that your advert is having in almost real-time is very powerful.  Why not run two ads alongside each other to see which one is more clickable?

Get your measurement right – when you are measuring the success or otherwise of your campaign, make sure that you measure the right metric.  Cost per click is all well and good, but clicks do not pay many bills.  Depending on your business offering, you should be measuring cost per conversion, cost per enquiry, cost per lead, etc.  Start with the end goal in mind!

Those are my quick 5, but what would your best practice for PPC campaigns?

Leave me a comment and let me know!

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