The Guide to Back-linking

How To Create Backlinks

We all know that back-linking is good for SEO, right?  But what is important when embarking on a back-linking strategy?

What is a back-link?  A back-link is any link to your website or a page within your website from an external URL.

Why are you doing it?  It is important from an SEO perspective, but search engines are becoming more and more sophisticated and aware of websites that have bought links – so if you get it wrong, it will negatively affect your SEO.  But another benefit is that it can deliver traffic to your site – actual human visitors!

Quality over quantity!  In order to attract SEO brownie points and human visitors, the sites which hold your link need to be good quality and relevant to your website.  If you run a legal firm and get a link from a cookery forum, the link is suspicious and will not deliver any relevant traffic to your site.

What is link authority?  Your links should be full of link authority!  This is a method that search engines use to measure how significant a link is, and here is an illustration of how it works:

Link Authority

An ideal link?  It should have:

  • relevant anchor text (i.e. the words that are used to contain your link)
  • a keyword in the title tag
  • be within the context of a positive sentiment – search engines can check for this!
  • be from a relevant blog or website
  • ideally be from a non-commercial web-site as these are given more authority than commercial sites

I think the secret to good quality link building is not to be over-aggressive.  I work with my clients to build links, and it is as much about building networks and relationships as much as it is about building links.  It is a slow process so it might be worth hiring a specialist agency, but in the long term well worth the hard work.

What do you think about back linking? Do you buy your links and what is your experience?  Leave a comment and let me know!

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