Event Management

The Guide to Social Media in Event Management

Assured Events

One of my clients is Assured Events, an event management business in Manchester.  I have written a blog for them that I thought would be of interest to you guys – how to use social media in event management.

We know that social media is all about engagement – users expect to be entertained, and if they are, they will interact with your message, which will spread the message to new audiences.

But who are these users?  The first job is to engage with the audience that you want to communicate with – is it the attendees, suppliers, the venue?  This will be driven by what your objective is for the social media campaign.

Here we will focus on the 4 largest social networks with 2 quick tips that you can adopt to integrate social media into your business.


  • Create hashtag for your audience to use when talking about an event, e.g. #SMawardsnight – this will encourage users to track your event
  • Build a sense of excitement – tweet short updates about the preparation for events, and key milestones reached in the project


  • Post the event in the events section of Facebook – and leave it open for people to confirm that they are attending
  • Post photos after the event and ask people to tag themselves in them – this will spread the message of your business beyond the attendees to their friends.


  • Post a quick overview of the event – maybe 2-3 mins – include your contact details!
  • Place video testimonials of satisfied clients here, bring your positive feed-back into life


  • Provide updates on your events, but remember that the audience here are in more of a professional frame of mind – keep it businesslike
  • Post updates in the run up to your event, review the event, and then post testimonials – and don’t forget to ask people to recommend your company and its individuals

What are your social media tips for event management?  Leave a comment and let me know!

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