Google Panda

Panda Update 3.9 – what’s it all about?


The latest Panda algorithm update was released to the UK earlier this week.  This tends to be followed by a lot of scaremongering from less than reputable SEO companies, but I am going to clarify exactly what Panda 3.9 is all about – without an agenda!

Panda is one of the many algorithms that Google uses to link user queries to accurate search engine results.  As such, the impact of an update to the Panda algorithm will not affect all Google search results.  In fact, the 3.9 update has only affected around 1% of search results – so, there is no need to panic. 

Panda 3.9 was a relatively minor update that focused on improving the ranking for high quality sites, and removing low ranking sites from Google’s search results altogether.  But what constitutes a high quality site?

Well, as ever, it’s important to remember what determines a search engine’s success.  They need to deliver relevant search results to user queries.  The more relevant those search engine results are, the more likely that the user will continue to use that search engine.  This will drive more traffic to the search engine which will mean that their key revenue stream, paid advertising, will continue to be popular. 

As such, little has changed when it comes to delivering good quality websites:

  • Make sure that your keywords are relevant to the content on your site and using the words that potential consumers will use to find your products or services
  • Is content on your website updated regularly?  If not, Google may think that your site has been abandoned!
  • Does your site have strong authority – i.e. links from other reputable websites
  • Is the copy on the site well written – Google actually checks for spelling mistakes!
  • Is the meta data that you have on your site accurate

Have you noticed any sites which have been affected by Panda 3.9?  If so, leave a comment and let me know!

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