Apple iPhone 5

The iPhone 5 is here


Apple announced this week that the iPhone 5 will be available to buy from next Friday.  This follows the slight disappointment of the release of the iPhone 4S which was originally touted as the iPhone 5 back in October 2011. 

So, what is different about the 5 vs the 4S?  Here are the key features that you need to know:

Bigger but smaller – The iPhone 5 is smaller in depth than the chunky 4S and is the same width, but it is longer.  Apple have reflected trends in the market with larger retina screens.  If you are familiar with the 4S, you will know that there are 4 rows of apps per page – the 5 is big enough to have 5 rows of apps per page.

Tinier Sim – If you have an iPhone, you will know about the smaller than usual sim cards.  But the iPhone 5 has an ever smaller sim.  This means that you are going to need a new sim card – most networks have committed to replacing sim cards without charge. 

Connecting People – For the first time in almost a decade the docking connector on the iPhone has changed.  Now called the ‘Lightning’ connector, it promises to be quicker but it does mean that your docking station and other devices will need an adaptor.  Apple have said that they will be selling one for £25, but there will inevitably be cheaper alternatives available very soon. 

The Quickest Yet – The iPhone 5 will be 4G enabled.  This means that it is one of the first phones to be able to take advantage of the planned roll-out of 4G in the UK.  4G service means that your phone will have wireless speed but without having to sign into a wireless network – a big positive and one which will make mobile far more accessible.  Before Christmas 2012, 16 UK cities will receive 4G as part of a trial, so iPhone 5 early adopters will be able to take advantage of this. 

Sounds Good – The iPhone 5 will receive new ear pods, which is good news for anyone who has used the old ear pods – they never stay in your ear!

…And The Price – Here comes the bad news.  The iPhone 5 is not a cheap purchase.  There are 3 versions available, the 16GB at £529, the 32GB at £599 and the 64GB at £699.  Ouch! 

The iPhone 5 will inevitably sell well – when the 4S was released, 4 million were sold in the first 3 days of release.  Also, Apple have seen a slump in sales over the last quarter and some think that this is people holding on for the release of the iPhone 5.  However, the change in physical dimension of the 5 brings it closer to the competition.  Coupled with the ongoing court case between Samsung and Apple, the lines between Apple and the competition are starting to blur, so it will be interesting to see how successful it will be. 

What do you think about the iPhone 5 – excited or not?  Leave a comment and let me know. 

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