Apple iOS 6

iOS 6 – Good, bad or ugly?


If you have an iphone or iPad, then you have probably downloaded Apple’s new mobile operating already.  But do you want to know what the good, OK and plain bad features are?  Then read on…


Do Not Disturb – a feature that turns calls and other notifications off.  If that’s too much, you can choose certain contacts to get through – a great feature

Sharing Photos – You are now able to share photos straight from the album onto social networks or onto email – a feature that should not have taken this long, but great to have nonetheless!

Siri – This tool is now capable of making reservations online with Apple’s partners and is now able to open apps – presuming that it can understand what you are saying

VIP Mail – If you get sick of being notified about random emails, then VIP Mail is for you – you can choose your VIP contacts and if they send you an email, you will be notified even if your phone is locked – excellent feature and a potential marketing opportunity for the future


The arrow menu in the middle of the bottom of the screen on Safari has an improved looking menu which is good.  However, apart from the inclusion of being able to share on Facebook, there are no new features here

Passbook – This might take a while to get used for some people, but it is somewhere to hold all the bar codes that you need in your life – concert tickets, boarding passes, loyalty cards and vouchers.  This tool is a marketer’s dream, and I am really looking forward to exploring the possibilities of this.

App Store – This has now got some small changes in functionality, but the main changes are to the new look and feel

Phone – The features on the actual phone are getting better – you can now not answer a call but send a message saying that you will call them later or one of a few other options – good idea, but I remember it on my Nokia in 2000!


Maps – iOS 6 sees the Google maps feature removed as Google are more of a competitor these days.  While I think the map has a better aesthetic now, the transit directions which show routes for trains and buses.  As someone living in a busy metropolitan area, this is a huge fail.  There are also reports that it struggles to find some locations – not good…

YouTube – For the same reasons as maps disappearing, Google’s YouTube has disappeared.  This is frustrating although it can be sorted by downloading the YouTube app from the App Store which is excellent – so there is a solution but it’s nothing to do with Apple.  Apparently Apple’s new video partner is Vimeo, so expect a pre-loaded Vimeo app on your iPhone 5 home screen.

These are just the highlights – there are more than 200 new features in total!  As you may have guessed now, I think the update has been on the whole pretty good – some really nice features, some good ones and the odd one that feel like a step backwards (Apple Maps, I am talking to you!).

This iOS 6 is a good preview of the features on the new iPhone 5.  Are they good enough to persuade you to join the huge queue for the new release or are you tempted by an Android?

Leave a comment and let me know what you think…

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