Conversion Rate Happiness


Whether you are a small business or a large business and whether you are B2B or B2C, one of your focus areas will be to optimise your conversion rate.  It affects everyone is because it is so important – you can drive huge increases in traffic to your site (which often costs a lot of money), but unless your site helps users through their journey, you are wasting your time. 

But with such a broad objective, where do you start?  I have got 10 top tips and will share 5 today and 5 next week – get ready to increase your sales, here we go! 

1 – Optimise Your Landing Pages:
Your landing pages are critical to the success of your website.  If they work well, they will encourage users to continue their journey and complete the objective.  Although it depends on your product and audience, use of diagrams help explain subjects far better than hundreds of words of copy.  Also, the landing page should be relevant to the search term that the user has typed into their search engine – the more relevant, the better your conversion rate

2 – Let the user know what to do next:
There is nothing more frustrating than finding a page for a product or service that is exactly what you are looking for, but not having a clear next step.  Your web design should not get in the way of the user journey.  Make the user journey as simple as possible (see Amazon’s one-click check out for best practice) – help them onto the next stage all the way to the end.

3 – Learn from the marketplace:
I am reluctant to quote ‘steal with pride’, but you can learn a lot about conversion rate optimisation by looking at great examples in the market place.  Of course this should start with your immediate competition, but open up the search – if you are in B2B, look at great B2C sites like eBay and Amazon for inspiration – you will learn a lot, I promise!

4 – Use Customer Archetypes:
Don’t be worried that you are getting too fluffy if you start to employ customer archetypes!  Segmenting your audience into groups will allow you understand the needs of each of these groups and you will be able to challenge your website to understand if you are satisfying their needs.  If you are feeling fluffy however, feel free to name them, age them and list their interests!

5 – Check your tone:
I have worked with a number of clients who pride themselves on being friendly and approachable organisations if you meet them face-to-face.  However, if you go onto their website, it sounds like they are a stand-offish corporate monster!  Your tone of voice is just as important as the content, so make sure that it is appropriate to the audience and product / service.  If you sell corporate finance, your tone should be reassuring – if you sell toys, your tone should be relaxed and informal. 

Well, that’s enough to get on with for this week.  Don’t forget to tune in to catch next week’s tips for conversional rate delight!

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