What Every Landing Pages Needs

Many organisations spent millions of pounds driving good quality traffic to their websites – investment in Pay Per Click advertising, Search Engine Optimisation, Social Media referrals and affiliates is massive.  But the smart organisations realise that this is only half of the story: what about when the user is actually on our website?

It is on the site where successful and unsuccessful web strategies differentiate.  The quality of the landing page (i.e. the page which the user first lands on) will determine whether the user will continue their journey through to conversion.  So, what should your landing page say?

It’s all about ‘you’ – make your copy by using terms like ‘you’ – it’s a simple thing, but the personal touch is something that users will be looking for.  This is particularly useful for making the interaction on the internet more personal.

Mind your language – lots of companies that I have worked with require dictionaries to understand all the terminology and abbreviations that they use!  If you want to encourage people to convert, keep jargon to a level of zero.  You won’t be able to tell what your user’s knowledge is, so assume it is low.

Keep to the point – while you may think that your copy can be beautiful and moving, the landing page is not the place for artistic licence – keep to the point, keep it brief and make sure that it is laid out well.  Use bullet points to break up information and make it more readable.

Action speak louder… – always bear in mind what you want the user to do, and encourage them to do so.  Use action-rich copy (e.g. download, enquire, learn, submit), and make the call to action very clear.  The button that you want the user to click should be obvious.  Make sure you don’t get in the user’s way of converting!

Dedicated landing pages – These are pages which just contain an enquiry form and no other links, so the user either fills in the form or exits the page.  The conversion rates for this sort of page can be excellent, but you need to consider the user journey – if your product or service is a high cost / commitment offering, the user may want to do more research before making contact.

There are more tips for landing pages, but just doing this will put you ahead of most websites!  What are your landing page tips?

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