Enhanced PPC Campaigns


One of the key trends for 2013 is mobile.  Internet users are moving away from traditional devices, such as desktop computers and lap tops and onto mobile devices such as phones and tablets – indeed, half of all searches are made on a mobile device.

Investment in mobile optimised sites is increasing to reflect this change, and businesses are starting to see the changes in consumer / customer behaviour when they are using mobile devices.

As you would expect, this is something that Google is more than aware of, and they are looking to reflect the move to mobile in their product offering, particularly AdWords.  So, Google is introducing Enhanced Pay Per Click campaigns.

What is an Enhanced Pay Per Click Campaign?

Enhanced PPC allows more flexibility in your PPC campaigns.

Mobile campaigns are nothing new to AdWords.  They have been available for some time now, but they would need to be set up separately and would actually be very time consuming.  With enhanced campaigns, mobile campaigns are integrated into your standard PPC campaigns.  You will be able to target users with different messages by location, device and time of day. 

Is this good or bad news?

Well, it is both good and bad news – kind of depends on who you are! 

The good news first – you will be able to increase bids by the user’s location (e.g. if you run a pizza restaurant), or time of day / day of week.  If managed well, you should be able to make your PPC campaigns more cost efficient. 

The bad news is that Google is treating a tablet as a desk-top / lap-top device, not a mobile one.  This means that you cannot just target tablets anymore. 

So, I think small and medium sized business will see one campaign for mobile and traditional instead of two –this should make management of the PPC campaign easier.  However, for bigger businesses and agencies, there is actually less flexibility in device targeting, a step backwards.  And with all of this attention on mobile you can expect to see your mobile CPCs increase significantly over the course of the Q3 2013.

You can change to Enhanced PPC right now (a button will appear on your AdWords home screen), but you can delay it until June if you want – then Google will change it anyway, whether you are ready or not.

Will be interesting to keep an eye on how this develops and if marketers and businesses see this as an embracing of mobile or a step backwards in flexibility. 

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