Get More Facebook Likes

How to get more Facebook Likes

 Facebook Like

One of the most common questions floating around social media is how do we get more Likes on Facebook.  So, to help everyone out, I have pulled together my top 10 tips to do exactly that! 

1)  Is Facebook right for us?  Yes, Facebook is the world’s number one social network with almost a billion members, but it is important to ask yourself is my audience amongst them?  If you have a B2C (Business to Consumer) business, the likelihood is that your consumers hang out on Facebook.  But if you are B2B (Business to Business), Facebook may not be right for you.  Job one – work out where your audience is. 

2)  Start with your friends.  When you have just started a Facebook business page, you will have zero likes…but don’t worry!  Your easiest likes will come from people who already know you.  You can recommend a page to your Facebook friends if you have a personal Facebook page – ask nicely and you’ll have some likes to start you off!

3)  Create a really engaging Facebook Timelime.  For brands, Timeline is an excellent opportunity to post engaging content about the history of the brand – see the Burberry Facebook page for a great example (don’t miss the 1970s photos!). 

4)  Link your Digital World.  Put links to Facebook and your other social networks onto your website – inserting social media buttons onto your website is easy, and it gives customers a chance to get a sense of what your business is all about. 

5)  Offer users incentives to Like your Facebook page.  Consumers love coupons and discounts, and Facebook is a great platform for people to use them and share them with their friends.  If they do share it with their friends, your page will appear on their friend’s newsfeed – a new audience!

6)  Reach out to the community.  Make sure that you are following other pages from your Facebook business page – suppliers, customers, industry experts, prospective customers.  You will see their updates, and often they will follow you back. 

7)   Publicise Facebook offline.  You can help to drive traffic and Likes onto your Facebook page by putting your Facebook page URL onto off-line communications and onto the signature of your email.

8)  Be social!  It is a social network, so get social!  When you are posting, you can tag other Facebook pages – just type the @ symbol and then the name of the Facebook page you’d like to mention, and they will see that you’ve mentioned them.

9)  Always post great content.  One of secrets of Facebook’s success is that content looks great on it – share a mix of text updates, photos, videos, links, polls or questions.  You want people to interact with the message, so bear this in mind when posting. 

10)  Advertise.  Only use this as a last resort.  You should not need to use it, and unless you have a brand which people already recognise then  it is not likely to work for your page.

And finally, don’t forget to measure to see how you are getting on – Facebook insights can be very detailed. 

Hope you like the tips, and I hope they work for you – if you have any top tips that I have missed, leave a comment and let me know. 

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