7 Tips for Google+


Google+ is the fastest growing social network on the planet right now!  Google+ is an intuitive network which is easy to use, pretty to look at, and can also benefit your SEO efforts.  So, here are 7 things that you can do to your personal or brand Google+ page to make it shine!

1) Link to your website: You can very easily link your website to your Google+ page.  Doing this enables Google to point positive SEO to your website.  All you need to do is be able to access Google Webmaster Tools to verify your website and you’re done

2) Introduction: On your profile, your introduction is really important.  It tells people what you are all about, but unlike most other social networks, you can hyperlink from your introduction to other websites.  Just don’t over-do the hyperlinks, it makes reading your introduction difficult

3) Vary Your Content: Rich content is displayed really well on Google+ (both mobile and desktop), so make sure that you use images and videos when you are posting content onto Google+.  It takes up more space on a Google+ timeline too, which makes your post harder to miss!

4) Google Authorship: You may have noticed that when you search for certain words, sometimes a picture appears of the author next to an article.  This is done through Google Authorship (https://plus.google.com/authorship), and will give your posts more standout.

5) Hashtags: Like all of the major networks, you can use and follow hash-tags on Google+.  When you make a post in Google+, it will try to automatically generate a hashtag for you.  The default hashtag is normally pretty accurate, but well worth checking before you post (it will appear in the top right hand side of your post)

6) Get a +1 Button: On your website, you should have a Google +1 button, it’s a quick way of someone endorsing your site, and sending a message to Google to say that they like this content.  This will become more and more important to SEO in months to come….

7) Rich Text: Google has a number of short-cuts which you can use to tuern your posts into rich text – these will really help your message to stand out, so thanks to Mashable and various other sources for this cheat sheet:


Leave a comment and let me know what your top Google+ tip is!

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