LinkedIn Groups


There are a lot of people who are looking to get the most out of LinkedIn.  There are millions of professionals on the network, and surely it can’t be too difficult to get the attention of the right people?  Well, there are lots of ways of doing this, but is a LinkedIn Group the answer?  And if so, what do I need to think about?

First Impressions Last:

The name and description of your LinkedIn Group is crucial.  Like search engines, LinkedIn uses the words used here to organise search results to people who are searching for groups.  If you are in a specialist industry, then use the keywords that people in your industry use.  And don’t forget the call to action in your group description – join, apply, click, etc., will all encourage people to join.

Rule 1 – Obey The Rules:

Although LinkedIn is comfortably the least trolled social network, it is still worth spending time pulling together your group policy and rules.  If you don’t think you need it, how would you deal with the following – someone who constantly posts spammy links; someone who is selling their product on your group; someone uses inappropriate language.  You need a policy and there are some great examples on the web that you can use to help you with your structure.

Lead from the front:

The group manager is a very important role, and should be someone who has the expertise to keep the conversation going.  They need to welcome new members, post new and interesting content, questions, polls and articles, recruit new members and become the face of the group.  In short, a lot of work, so be prepared!

So, we have answered some questions about LinkedIn groups, but should you create one?  Well, if you have a unique proposition, want to engage with a clearly targeted audience and are prepared to commit the time to recruit members and keep them interested with fresh and relevant content, the answer could well be yes.  But you must be committed to the long-term – failure to do this is the reason why so many LinkedIn groups just don’t work.

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