8 Conversion Rate Tips

conversion rate optimisation

Conversion rate is one of the few metrics which has a direct impact on your bottom line – the more users you convert, the more sales, and the more profit.  So, here are 8 tips to maximising your conversion rate:

1) First things first – Your traffic should be of a high quality and of a reasonable volume to help your conversion rate.  This is the first step.  If your traffic is poor, you won’t see the benefits of your optimisation!

2) Where is the traffic – You should spend some time knowing where your traffic comes from – if it is from a particular referrer, then your content should be tailored to the tone of that referrer.  If its too different, the user will be put off.

3) The path to conversion – Imagine that you are sat over the shoulder of the user and you are telling them where they should click.  This is the path that you want the user to take, so make navigation through the path simple (Amazon do this well) – and don’t get in their way!

4) Know the best pages – Spend some time analysing which pages people spend time on, and which are the most popular pages on your website.  If you optimise the most visited pages, the increase in your conversions will be greater.

5) Know the worst pages – Which are the pages which users dislike?  Check out the pages with the worst bounce rate and exit rates.  This is where potential customers are dropping through the net (pun intended), and often small changes can have a big impact on poorly performing pages

6) The tipping point – There will be a point where the user will want to get in contact or make a sale.  Its tough to work out which page will be the one that convinces the user to act, so give the user as many opportunities as possible to convert – e.g. put a small contact form on every page.

7) Colour Clarity – Do green buttons or red buttons work best?  I have read cases for both, but bear in mind the colour scheme of your site.  If your site is predominantly red, a red call to action may get lost – so do some testing!

8) Borrow with pride – Your competition is probably focused on improving their conversion rate too, so take a look to see what they are doing.  Their audience is likely to be similar to yours, so feel free to borrow their techniques and see if they work

There are lots of other tips, but implementing just these will put you further ahead than the vast majority of other website.  Happy optimising!

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