Is My PPC Working Well?


This week, I was asked a question by my boss who is not a marketer – is our PPC working well?  Hmmm – that is a tricky question, because it is such a vague question.  However, I needed to think of a better answer than that for my boss, so I quickly ran through four areas to give him a feel for how things are going.

I thought I would share these in case you get cornered too with a vague, albeit very valid question!

Click Through Rate – How is your advert performing against the competition?  CTR will help you see!  It will show you how effectively the advert is attracting people’s attention.  So, if you are running different combinations of keywords and product benefits, you should be able to see what turns your target audience on fairly quickly.  When you combine this with clicks, then you will be able to get a view of how popular the search terms that you are bidding on are.

Quality Score – A great overview metric.  The Quality Score is a combination of a number of factors which includes your budget, your advert relevance and your landing page relevance. You should be tracking your quality score month on month, because if you are forever tinkering with your PPC campaigns (and you should be!), then you will be able to track any improvements through a rise in your quality score.

Landing Pages – You should use your analytics package to understand what the bounce rate is of your landing pages, i.e. the page that you are sending the PPC traffic to.  You should compare bounce rate and pages per visit to organic search and all of your different referral traffic.  For example, if the bounce rate is high, then spending more on PPC means you will be wasting more and more money.  There are two halves to PPC – the advert and the landing page, so don’t forget to give both regular TLC!

Linking PPC to CRM – If you don’t have this yet, then this should definitely be on your agenda for 2014.  Being able to link these two elements will mean that you have an understanding of which PPC keywords deliver the most leads / sales / profitability into your business.  This is super powerful data, and will allow you to truly optimise your PPC campaigns.

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