LinkedIn Company Pages New Features


This week, LinkedIn introduced some new features for its company pages.

Post custom images:

If you have posted a link on a company update, then you may have had the frustration of not being able to select an appropriate image to accompany the link, particularly when you are linking to a website that you don’t run, and one where you cannot control the featured image. This issue is now solved, as you can select the image from your computer which will over-write the default image. A very nice feature which will allow companies to show off their creative side, as a more striking image should drive more engagement.

LinkedIn Image Upload 1
Click on the symbol in the top right hand corner
LinkedIn Image Upload 2
You can upload an image from your computer here

Like and Comment as a Company:

This is being rolled out and has not been implemented on the company pages that I manage, but I presume that this will work in the same way as Facebook, where you can switch whether you are using the network as yourself or the company. This feature a pretty clever move by LinkedIn, as it encourages companies to send more updates. The better quality content that is being posted, the better the likelihood of engagement, which means the better the chance of being able to use this new feature. I follow around 100 companies and very, very rarely receive any updates – so I think LinkedIn is using this feature to drive the number and quality of company updates.

New Company Feed:

If you go to, then you will see a news feed of your company updates. This is a great feature, and separates this feed from your regular news feed which will include all manner of updates, some of which are more interesting than others. This is a good opportunity to showcase the content that they post from their company page.

It’s pretty clear that LinkedIn is putting a lot of emphasis on company pages. From my experience of LinkedIn, the weakest part of the network. Personal networking is excellent, the groups are a great way of finding new information and networking, but the company pages are infrequent and often poor quality. Let’s hope that these new features change this situation.

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