The Perfect Marketing Email

Email Marketing

In reviews of marketing campaigns, there is one tool which is consistently used by marketers because it is cheap and effective: email marketing.

However, in my experience, little time is spent working out what makes an effective email campaign – and given the amount of flexibility you can have and how measurable your changes are, I find this crazy!  So, here are the 5 features that the perfect marketing email should have:

Visibility:  Like any marketing, unless it is experienced by the target audience, it is a waste of money.  So, make sure that it gets through Spam filters, and remember that different email providers will have different triggers for dumping your masterpiece in Spam.

Great subject line:  This is a cliché, but I receive so many marketing emails with the subject line ‘Latest News from……’.  So what?!  I don’t care what your latest news is, I want to know what you can do for me!  Simply thinking about the email from the recipient’s perspective can boost your open rate.

Content that means something:  This is a delicate balance…  It kind of depends on the objective of your email, but a mix of words and images is good.  100% words is pretty dry (and does feel a lot like a work email), but 100% pictures would mean that you are more likely to be categorised spam, and what if the pictures are blocked?  I saw a nice trick a while ago where the sender has coded their email pictures to say ‘you are missing out on a great picture of a beautiful guitar’ when the pictures were blocked – highly recommended!

Call to Action:  This may seem obvious, but I have just opened up the last 10 marketing emails that I have received, and 4 didn’t have a call to action.  Let the recipient know what you would like them to do!

Tracking:  If you have segmented your audience (and you should have to know what content the recipient would like to see), you should track which type of recipients have interacted with the email.  Simple custom URLs will track people when they get to your site, and ideally you would have something in place to track them while they are on your site – then you can start linking email with conversions and ROI!

What are your email tips?  Leave and comment and let me know!

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