Twitter Advertising

Oscars Selfie

Every week you will hear about the staggering statistics around Twitter. Around 500 million tweets per day, and only this week saw the most retweeted tweet ever – Ellen DeGenrers’ selfie which received more than 2 million retweets by the end of the ceremony.

All of this information will make marketers feel excited – what a huge audience and engagement, quickly followed by a feeling of doom – how on earth am I supposed to get my message heard in all of that noise?!

There is no substitution for doing the right thing (e.g. Interaction, engagement, quality content, entertaining, etc.), but with all of the noise, you may choose to promote yourself on Twitter – after all, you are probably spending money on PPC to support your SEO strategy.

So, what are your options when embarking on a Twitter advertising campaign?

You can choose from three options:

1) Promoted Tweets – you can promote an actual tweet which may say something about your company or what you offer. This will appear at the top of people’s news feed

2) Promoted Account – you can promote your account as a whole too. Your Twitter account will appear in the ‘Who to Follow’ box, and you will soon be able to insert some ad copy to enable you to promote your account further

3) Promoted Trend – if your MD has dreamt about trending, then this is their opportunity to promote the hashtag which will drive people to your content – however, hashtags do come with a health warning, they can be hijacked, just ask McDonald’s

As you would expect from such a huge network, the options for targeting are impressive. You can target by geography, interest, user name, device or gender. And you can set your budget with an upper limit, so it shouldn’t break the bank. And the analytics that come with Twitter advertising are impressive, so varying degrees of conversions capable of being measured.

Have you tried Twitter advertising yet? What results have you achieved? Share your story here!

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