Facebook Advertising

Facebook Advertising

Following on from my post last week about Twitter advertising, I thought that I should also cover advertising on the other major social network, Facebook.

As the world’s largest social network, just over 1.2 billion members at the last count, and with each user having an average of 338 friends, the news feed is a tough place to get your message to stand out – particularly if you only have a small number of likes on your page.

Facebook is a commercial organisation, and it is entitled to start to monetise the network.  That’s why the only way to guarantee that people see your post is to advertise.  If you have people who have liked your page, they will see every post that you make only if they regularly interact with your content (i.e. like, comment or share).  Otherwise, Facebook will ‘filter’ the amount of content that is seen by your fans.

So, what are your options when advertising?  Helpfully, Facebook starts (as all good marketers do) with what results you would like:

Page Post Engagement: if you have a particular post which you think is great and sums up your page, then choose this option – it will promote an individual post, so make the media interesting (e.g. video, infographic, etc.)

Page Likes: a great idea if your audience is relatively small – get your page seen by people who don’t like your page yet – a quick way to get targeted followers (you can target later in the process)

Clicks to Website: these ads appear in the right hand column and will take users directly to the URL of your choice; a handy display advertising tool

Website Conversions: to use this, you will need to add some tracking code to your website to measure the results, but this tool will help you drive people to a particular action

App Installations: this tool will help you to drive the number of people using your Facebook app up…

App Engagement: …and this tool will encourage people to use your app more!
Event Responses: if you have an event already created in Facebook, you can create an advert to support this event – very useful in specific industries

Offer Claims: this has been growing in popularity over the last few months.  If you have an offer that you would like to promote, this will appear in news feeds and show users who in their network has already claimed the offer.  As ever, be careful of over-redemption!

I think that at the moment, many people baulk at the idea of spending money on social media: after all, it’s meant to be free isn’t it?  But I think the sheer size of the networks, the amount of content being shared (i.e. noise) and an improvement in the tools provided by the networks themselves will make social media advertising the norm by the end of 2014.

What do you think?

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