How not to get more Twitter followers

Don't Buy Twitter Followers

Twitter is such a wide network with so many messages being sent every second (over 6,000 and increasing), that getting your voice heard and building an audience can seem daunting tasks.  There are lots of articles on the web about what you should do to get more Twitter followers, but there aren’t many warning people about what you shouldn’t do – so here are 5 traps which you need to avoid….but traps which you will see many people fall into every day.

Buy them – The whole point of building a Twitter audience is that there are real people out there listening to your messages and interacting with them.  However, some people who ‘don’t get’ social will see the number of followers as a vanity metric – often CEOs (or UK Prime Ministers) who want as big a number as possible.  It is better to have a small number of engaged followers than thousands of spam-bot followers.  The only exception to buying is through Twitter advertising….

Sell all the time – This is a great way to show that you don’t understand Twitter.  Using Twitter as a platform for selling is far more subtle than shouting out your message all the time.  You are there to create engaging content, and that means varying it – by all means try and sell your product, but don’t forget to post other content too (e.g. about the industry, interesting non-work related content, etc.).

Treat Twitter as a one-way channel – Just sending tweets out without responding to other Twitter users can be off-putting to potential followers.  There are hundreds of millions of Twitter users out there, so there is no excuse not to interact.  Even if it is just saying thanks for sharing an article, or to add your opinion to an article that you’re sharing, you are starting an interaction.

Don’t follow anyone – Some people see the following / follower ratio as very important.  So, the temptation is not to follow people in the hope that you will get more followers than following.  But I find the people that I follow a great source of news and content.  I do follow a lot of people, but organise them into Twitter lists to span all of my areas of interest.  You can only implement this rule if you are a celebrity!

Post infrequently without a plan – The most common trap!  Before you even get started on Twitter, you should have an idea of the sort of content that you would like to share.  And you should also commit to your Twitter account – I tweet around 5 times a day but in an ideal world, I would tweet twice as often as that.  So, set yourself a minimum daily tweet level and stick to it.

Do you have any tips on how not to get thousands of Twitter followers that you would like to share?

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