Curing Tweeter’s Block

Twitter Writers Block

I read an article earlier this week which demonstrated that 44% of Twitter users have never sent a tweet.  That number really surprised me, even taking into account the number of spambots – I was amazed at how high it was, so I asked some questions from a small and completely unrepresentative sample in my office: and while I didn’t get 44%, a lot of people said they were overwhelmed with Twitter and were paralysed by the scale of it.

So, I thought I should give you 10 things that you can tweet about very quickly and easily, none of which include what meal you’re having right now:

1) News article – There is so much news content around that sharing these articles is a great way to get started.  Don’t just share the article though, add what you think about it – that way, you are starting a conversation

2) Check out what’s trending – Taking a look through what’s trending and sharing your thoughts on the most popular subjects on Twitter at that moment – it’s likely that lots of people will be following the hash-tag or subject like you are, so it’s a great way to get interacting

3) Watch TV – Second-screening is huge in 2014 – more and more people are watching TV and jumping on their smart phone or tablet and sharing their thoughts on Twitter – there is some really hilarious content being shared here!

4) Answer, or ask, a question – Making sure that you follow some interesting people will mean that there are lots of questions being asked, so why not answer one?  Or, if you have good sized audience following you (or you are contributing to a popular hashtag), why not ask a question?  Again, you’re getting the conversation started

5) Share a video – The way that Twitter visually shows video shares has improved dramatically over the last year.  Videos that are shared look great, and are a great way of sharing interesting content in less than 140 characters – especially as on desktop, you can search a keyword’s videos.

6) Share a picture – Just like videos, pictures look great on Twitter – so don’t just keep your pictures to your Instagram or Pinterest feed, share them on Twitter too.  It’s also a fantastic way of getting your content noticed, as tweets with pictures take up more real estate than a regular tweet.

7) Shout out a recommendation – Been impressed with a product or service recently?  Why not share some of the love by giving the brand a shout-out on Twitter?  Most major brands have an account, although not all of them will respond to you!

8) Retweet a great content – If you see a great tweet, share it by clicking retweet.  Receiving a retweet is a great feeling, so show your appreciation!

9) Write your own content – If you can’t find anything that you would like to share (or even if you can), why not create your own content?  Have a think about what you have learned this week and write a couple of hundred words about it.  Then, you can share the link on Twitter – congratulations, you are a blogger!

10) Trivia – Trivia, or pithy quotes are very popular on Twitter.  Many people start the day with one (e.g. on a Monday morning to cheer their followers up!), but they are pretty easy to find in the offline or online world, and super easy to share.

Hope that this gets you off the mark if you are one of 44%!  You have no excuse – start tweeting!

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