5 YouTube Optimisation Tips

YouTube Optimisation

Video content is one of the most powerful mediums in the digital age.  We are in an era where the volume of information available on devices in people’s pockets is colossal – so, finding an interesting way of communicating your message is crucial, and video is powerful as it combines visual and audio.  But video content can be expensive – you are putting a lot of resource into your communication, so you need to make sure that people can find it.

And that is why optimising YouTube content is so important: simply putting your video on YouTube and waiting for people to view it is no longer enough.  So, what can you do to make your YouTube content more visible on the web?

Titles and tags: There are some basics that you can do for your video which are very powerful.  The title, description, keywords and tags are a great way of explaining what your video is all about – include the keywords which your audience would likely search for in Google.  YouTube is arguably the world’s second largest search engine behind Google, and being owned by Google, there is more and more YouTube content being integrated into Google search results.  Help them out by making your data as accurate as possible.

Support your ‘Call to Action’: As with all communications, you should have a clear idea what you would like the viewer to do next.  And you can encourage the viewer to do this by providing links at the end of the video to any number of actions – see another YouTube video, visit your website, etc.  It is best to keep these links as unobtrusive as possible, but prominent enough to be noticed and actioned by the viewer.

Closed captioning: This is an optimisation that few people know about, so here is a chance to get ahead of the competition!  Search engines have a problem trying to understand what a video is all about, so closed captioning is an alternative way of communicating your content.  Videos with closed content tends to rank better than those without, so depending on the content, this could well be worth doing.

Make your video approachable: All of the optimisation in the world cannot make your video interesting.  So, your video should be interesting, a sensible length (generally the shorter the video, the more likely someone will view it to the end) and with a good thumbnail.  This is where employing a professional cameraman / editor / agency really pays off – they can be expensive, but this communication is representing you, so see it as an investment.

Use your other networks: I know this is quite obvious, but a lot of businesses don’t do this as well as they could.  Embedding a video onto a website is very easy (it’s a tiny bit of code), and when you share videos on social media, those posts often have a better presence on page than just sharing a link – you have invested in this video content, so make sure you get a lot of bang for your buck!

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