5 Tips to boost Quality Score

Google Adwords

Last week I wrote about the components of Pay per Click Quality Score.

Quality Score is an amalgamation of a number of factors which Google see as important for an advert on its network.  Essentially, it takes into account two broad areas, the landing page and the relevance of the advert.  That is all well and good, but how can you actually drive your Quality Score upwards and, at least theoretically, drive down your cost per click?  Here are five tips which I hope will help, split by the two important elements of your PPC campaign – the landing page and the advert itself:

Landing Page:

Specific Landing Pages: This is a pretty obvious one, but you would be surprised at the amount of adverts which direct people to the home page.  Where the search is not broad enough to justify this, create a specific landing page for each group of keywords, and where possible reflect the ad copy in the copy on the page.  This will decrease your bounce rate for people who click on your ad and visit the page, thus improving your Quality Score.

Landing page load time: We have all been here – click on a link…..and wait.  With high speed internet access becoming more and more the norm, people are becoming less patient when it comes to page load speed.  So, have a look at your CSS, reduce unnecessary scripts and compress your page as much as you can (there are lots of tips around for this – just search Google it and click on the best looking ad!).


Use Ad Extensions: One of the factors of Quality Score is the click through rate of your advert – i.e. the number of times that it is clicked compared to the number of times the advert is displayed.  Using Google’s Ad Extensions (e.g. adding reviews for your product or service; offering a call-back facility; adding your address or phone number to your advert) will not only ensure your advert takes up more real estate on the page, it will also drive up your click through rate.

Dynamic Keyword Insertion: Dynamic keyword insertion is not brand new technology, but it is an interesting tool.  It takes the words that the user has typed into Google and inserts those words into your advert.  When this is done well, it is fantastic, but all too often a poorly targeted advert looks almost spam-like.  I have used this before a number of times: sometimes it has worked really well, other times, it has not worked at all – so test and see how you get on.

Ad Copy: One of the factors that makes digital marketing so powerful is the possibility of being able to test and get results back quickly.  And this is one of those occasions where you should!  Your ad copy can make or break your advert’s effectiveness and there is no substitution for a structured test – re-word the call to action, change its position and check the results.

Quality Score is an important measure and to understand it is to understand how you can make your adverts more effective.  But you should not lose focus of the fact that your advert should be measured against the number of sales / enquiries / whatever that your website is tasked with delivering.  Quality Score is a means to improving your adverts, just don’t lose sight of the person who is looking on Google and giving away the clicks.

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