Facebook Competiton Ideas

Facebook Advertising

Over recent months, Facebook is being more selective in which posts it displays from business pages to its followers.  In years gone by (it seems ridiculous to talk like this about a social network!), if you liked a page, then you would see all of the posts which a page you like would share.

However, Facebook realised pretty quickly that this was an opportunity to generate some revenue and keep their shareholders happy.  Now, they will only show posts from pages which you regularly engage with, and, of course, posts which are sponsored.

So, when you are actually going to spend money to share your competition, you really need to make sure that it is going to work.  So, here are 5 Facebook competition ideas to help you get the most bang for your buck.

Caption competitions – these are as old as time itself, but a great way of encouraging your audience to display their creativity.  A smartly chosen photo that would ideally have some connection to your product can generate some funny comments from followers.  Also consider fill in the blank competitions which are fairly similar, e.g. ‘this weekend I want to relax with my *insert product* and ________’

Comment to qualify – a good way of getting your audience to effectively share their competition entry with the rest of their friends.  You can steer what type of comment you would like, or even offer a voucher to everyone who comments (although this could be open to abuse as not everyone will be complimentary!)

Best photo using your product – this is a fairly common competition, but does feel fresh with different products as they bring a different perspective.  This also allows you to unleash your follower’s creative side, so it is a good way of starting a conversation with the audience and building engagement.

Which design do you prefer – when done genuinely well, this is a really powerful mechanic.  To offer the final choice of design sign-off to your Facebook audience shows a lot of guts from a company, but also a huge amount of trust.  The secret here is to allow yourself to be steered by your audience and follow it through by implementing their choice.

What does this describe – if you have a range of products which have a lot of features which you think are unknown to your audience, this is a good way of showing off the product without overtly selling.  For example, which product of ours has the following features…

One of the most important parts of a good Facebook competition is to target your post and prize effectively, i.e. don’t give away tickets to the ballet when trying to advertise toolboxes.  This can alienate your audience and encourage them to think there is no good reason to follow your page.  The second factor (and this is a big one) is to think your competition through – are there any loopholes which could mean it will fail, or is the competition exposing us to too much risk?  Important questions for any marketer.

And don’t forget to keep measuring your competitions – are they successful, and more importantly, are you getting what you want out of them?

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