Facebook Engagement

Facebook Engagement

So, you’ve got a Facebook page and even spent a little money advertising to grow your audience, so it’s just a case of posting content now and getting your money back, right?  Well, you need to spend some time thinking about engaging your audience, but why?  If you can encourage your audience to like, comment or share your Facebook content then there are two important advantages:

1)    Your content is more likely to be shown to your audience if you are receiving high levels of engagement – if not, then your audience reach will not be as high as you would think.
2)    If your audience engage with your post, your post will be seen by the friends of the sharer – and with each Facebook user having an average of 338 friends, this is quite an opportunity

So, how do you achieve Facebook engagement?  These tips should help you out:

Get the basics right – A surprising amount of business pages don’t have all of the right information available: make sure that you include your website address, phone number, location, opening hours, etc.  You want to engage your audience ultimately with the objective of generating business – so help the user out by providing contact info.

Post at the right time – Posting when is convenient to you is not necessarily the best time to post.  There are a lot of great articles about when best to post, but it will differ depending on your audience demographic and the industry that you are in.  The best way of optimising your timing is trial and error: try posting at different times and check out how many people see your post and what level of engagement you receive.

Consider why people share – If you regularly use Facebook, then you will be familiar with the thought of ‘should I share this article with my friends?’  People will engage with content which they would like their friends to see them post on – it’s all about perception.  For example, if you post controversial content, you will risk alienating your audience and they may not want to put their name to it.

Entertain or inform – People on the whole use the internet to become informed or be entertained.  You should have a mix of both types of content, and have a plan behind this.  There will be times of the year when you are happy to entertain with caption competitions and the like, but there will also be times when you want to inform with high quality blog content, or actually promote your product directly with a promotional code, e.g. at Christmas.

Measure your progress – The best Facebook pages use data to make their proposition stronger.  And there are a lot of metrics that you can track to see whether your posts are working.  Audience growth, audience engagement (likes, comments, shares), audience reach, referrals to your website, redemption of Facebook promotions codes, etc.  Spending a little time gathering this data will help you provide an engaging page for your audience.

What is your favourite Facebook engagement tip?

Image via business2community.com

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