10 Content Format Ideas

Content Format Ideas

We have all been there…..sat in front of a blank piece of paper, or a laptop with a blank document, in front of us while we drum our fingers and think ‘how am I going to create some interesting content’?

To save us from this dreaded feeling, I have pulled together 10 content marketing formats.  I have also included their pros and cons because not every format is right for every occasion.

I hope that they help you avoid a content catastrophe!

Article / Press Release / Blog:

  • Pros: It’s probably the most flexible for at if all – you can write about anything you want for as long or as little as you wish
  • Cons: As its so flexible everyone had got access to it, so getting your
    It, so it can make stand out difficult


  • Pros: It’s easy and free to do from most image editing tools, if you can find or shoot the right image
  • Cons: The images need to have a purpose and be related to your content plan.  If not, it’s irrelevant.  Also, you either need to be good at photography or prepared to buy stock images


  • Pros: A nice way to communicate a difficult or potentially uninteresting subject. Also, they generate a bigger proportion of social media engagement
  • Cons: To get your infographic right, you will probably need to involve a designer, as most free templates have been used already….so this might get pricey

Audio File / Podcast / Soundcloud

  • Pros: People are consuming a lot of audio content while on the move, so they are often a captive audience
  • Cons: In an age of visual media, is this the right format?  Also, you need a big hook to get people to listen as the competition is rife – you want to take on Mark Maron?


  • Pros: It’s really engaging, and you can squeeze a lot of content into a very short video
  • Cons: Unless you opt for the deliberately unpolished look, you will need a videographer.  And probably an editor too, so costs could mount up


  • Pros: You are probably doing it already so you will have a view of what works and what doesn’t
  • Cons: People receive hundreds of them a day and standing out from this crowd is very challenging


  • Pros: Everyone likes having their say, and on a lot of platforms it’s very easy to set up
  • Cons: You need to publicise the poll for people to notice it and participate.  You should also be careful what questions you ask, you might not want to hear their answers!

Slide Share:

  • Pros: You often have this data already on your computer
  • Cons: Is it interesting enough to be considered content marketing? People see a lot of PowerPoint every day, so you need to be sure


  • Pros: Really engaging way of people spending time on your site
  • Cons: Development costs can be high, and expectation is that the game will be challenging but not impossible – a difficult balance without an expert


  • Pros: Interactive, exciting and engaging – and the cost is very low if not nil
  • Cons: Requires the audience to be built up ahead of the webinar, so will need to tease and trail it elsewhere

Do you have a content format that you’ve had success with and isn’t not on this list? If so, please leave a comment and let me know!

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