Introducing Google Analytics

One of the many benefits of digital marketing is how transparent and measurable your activity is. Being able to understand the success of your activity means that you can demonstrate your return on investment and learn lessons from previous activity. Google Analytics is an excellent source of such data – but it can be overwhelming … Continue reading Introducing Google Analytics

What Should I Measure on Social Media

It wasn’t too long ago that social media analytics were very basic. Before the big networks felt the pressure to commercialise their product, information was short on the ground. But when they wanted marketers to start advertising on their networks, the quality of analytics needed to improve. Today, they are (on the whole) pretty comprehensive … Continue reading What Should I Measure on Social Media

The Digital Marketing Guide to Lead Generation

In the word of digital marketing, there are not very many activities that are done by all marketers regardless of the industry or market you operate in (i.e. Business to Consumer or Business to Business; product or service), how mature your business is, or what your organisation’s level of sophistication is. But one of those … Continue reading The Digital Marketing Guide to Lead Generation