How to Improve Your Email Open Rate

Email Marketing Basics

Despite all of the developments which alter the way that people execute their digital marketing, email marketing is still one of the most popular channels. It is low cost, most people understand how email works and its effectiveness is highly measurable.  Note that measurable doesn’t always mean successful though! One of the first hurdles that … Continue reading How to Improve Your Email Open Rate

Understanding Email Metrics

Email Marketing Metrics

In the world of digital marketing, it seems that every week presents a new tool which marketers can use to engage with their audience.  But in all of the excitement surrounding innovation, it is also important to remember your trusted tools which deliver consistently strong results.  For a lot of businesses, this is email marketing. … Continue reading Understanding Email Metrics

The Perfect Marketing Email

Email Marketing

In reviews of marketing campaigns, there is one tool which is consistently used by marketers because it is cheap and effective: email marketing. However, in my experience, little time is spent working out what makes an effective email campaign – and given the amount of flexibility you can have and how measurable your changes are, … Continue reading The Perfect Marketing Email

The Digital Marketing Guide to Lead Generation

In the word of digital marketing, there are not very many activities that are done by all marketers regardless of the industry or market you operate in (i.e. Business to Consumer or Business to Business; product or service), how mature your business is, or what your organisation’s level of sophistication is. But one of those … Continue reading The Digital Marketing Guide to Lead Generation