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I worked at Assured Events as a Digital Marketing Consultant part-time from October 2011 to October 2012.

The work that I undertook includes:

  • Full situation review:
    • Website usability
    • Website SEO
    • Social Media presence and engagement
    • Other Social Media opportunities
  • Establishment of presence on Google Plus
  • Optimisation of Facebook page (including Welcome page, Enquiry Form, Case Studies and Blog)
  • LinkedIn company profile page
  • Recommended content direction for all social networks
  • Helped project manage new web-site design, content and SEO


  • incremental 200 followers in one month following recommendations in Twitter content
  • more re-tweeted messages and mentions in Q4 2011 than in the previous 3 quarters combined – it has continued to grow quarter on quarter into 2013
  • 5 enquiries per month through new enquiry form built into Facebook profile – B2B leads submitted through a B2C social network!
  • 15% increase in open rate of email campaign; 10% increase in click throughs to web-site

Some examples of the work that I have done for Assured Events:

Optimising Facebook:

Assured Events - Facebook Situation Analysis     Assured Events - Facebook Enquiry Form

Explaining and analysing back-links:

Assured Events - Backlinking     Assured Events - Web Traffic v Link Growth

Development of new web-site:

Assured Events - Web-Site Old     Assured Events - Web-Site New

Web-site measurement / scorecard (click to enlarge):

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