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I worked for Bibby Financial Services as a Digital Marketing Manager, and my responsibilities included:

  • Web Analytics:
    • All good digital marketing is data driven – being close to your numbers allows you to understand what is working, what is working, and where you should prioritise your time and budget
  • Search Engine Optimisation:
    • With billions of searches per day, Google is likely to be most company’s number one referrer
    • A good SEO strategy is fluid, able to flex as Google changes its algorithm and creating engaging content to develop link strategy
  • Pay Per Click:
    • There are a lot of levers which you can pull in PPC – ad copy, cost per click, quality score, landing page, keyword focus, average position
    • Efficient PPC strategies will drive high quality and efficient traffic to the best page for that user on your website
  • Online Display:
    • Online advertising gets a bad press, but it is a great tool if your objective matches it!
    • Fantastic for brand awareness, but for more direct response activities, look to see what else an online advertiser can offer – many offer digital partnerships where you can push your message to their targeted subscriber list
  • Social Media:
    • Social is quickly becoming an established communication channel between the user and an organisation – and by communication channel, I mean both sides conversing, not outbound communications only!  It’s called social for a reason.
  • Email Marketing:
    • My responsibility here is to track the results of email campaigns and make recommendations in terms of content, subject line, time of day, day of week, etc.
  • Web Development:
    • Creating a website is the start of your website development, not the end of it
    • Technology is making web development more accessible (and cheaper!), so adding new capability to a website is a great way of gaining competitive advantage and very happy internet visitors

Key Achievements:

  • Worked on removal of Google Penguin and Panda penalties which saw 30k links removed and organic search rankings improve by an average of 35 places for target keywords
  • Drove an increase in traffic of 11.3% year on year, while driving bounce rate down
  • Reduction of PPC Cost Per Enquiry by 10%, while increasing enquiries by 44% year on year
  • Increase of LinkedIn and Twitter audiences by over 3,000 followers organically
  • Increase in email open rate of 15 percentage points and 10 percentage point increase in clicks
  • Development of online quotation tool (click on image below)

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