Outside Work

Outside work, I have a number of interests, and here are some photos to prove it!!


I have a very keen interest in music.  I normally have a couple of gigs in the diary to look forward to, and recently have seen Noel Gallagher, Arctic Monkeys, Beady Eye, Morrissey, Steve Winwood, The Who, The Specials, Johnny Marr, Paul Weller and Madness.  To balance this out, I have also seen Westlife and Glee, but shhhhhh, that’s our little secret…

I also (try to) play the guitar and the drums in a local band, have got an ever-growing  collection of guitars, and a few big amps.  In the interests of relations with my wife / son / neighbours, I am not allowed to go to maximum volume!

Move over Hendrix


Living in Poynton, we are lucky enough to be very close to the Peak District, so often my wife, Sarah, and I will go out and do some hillwalking.  Its great for clearing the cob-webs, although I don’t always know the way, as the below proves….

I think we're lost...


I am a very passionate sports fan.  I enjoy playing rugby for my local team, golf, football and I also regularly run the Manchester Great Run for charity.  I enjoy watching all types of sport too, and support West Ham United (please don’t hold this against me!).

Run Justin Run

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