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I worked for Lookers PLC as a Digital Marketing Manager, and headed up the Marketing Function for my division within Lookers.  Within that role, my responsibilities include:

  • Management of Team:
    • Three Marketing Execs in my team with varying levels of experience
    • Previous to my management of the team, there was a culture of lack of planning, lack of man-management, budget responsibility and accountability
    • I restructured the responsibilities within the team so that everyone had a clear understand of what their role entails, and managed with the senior team what the roles do not entail
    • We have also as a team pulled together a detailed rolling quarterly plan, and a more fluid annual plan – updates on this plan are shared with the senior team on a fortnightly basis
    • I have introduced weekly 121 meetings with the team to support them in their delivery of the plan
  • Getting the Basics Right:
    • Initially spent time getting the basics right on the website:
      • Typos, images, videos, correcting dead links, meta data, etc.
    • This resulted in:
      • Increase in visits of 22%
      • Extra 59 days per month spent on the site
      • Extra 95,000 pages being viewed per month
      • Increase in engagement (pages / visit and visit duration) of 25%
      • Reduction in bounce rate of 14 percentage points
      • Increase in enquiries of 23% year on year
  • Search Engine Optimisation:
    • Development of content marketing plan, as currently very little inbound marketing
    • Development of link-building strategy through great content
  • Pay Per Click:
    • Currently, budgets are not held by Marketing, but by individual branches
    • Gained agreement from all branches to run PPC continuously
    • Measurement of PPC performance (never completed before) illustrated Cost Per Enquiry increases, currently being worked on with digital agency
  • Web Development:
    • Development of a number of tools to the Lookers website:
      • Value My Vehicle online (see below, click to enlarge or click here)
      • Book a Service online
      • Implementation of live chat

Value My Vehicle

  • Social Media:
    • Development of social media strategy
    • Development of tactical training sessions and meetings with people who have set up social media accounts before understanding the network!

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