Will LinkedIn’s Repositioning Work?

It used to be that when someone mentioned that they had an account on LinkedIn, people’s response was ‘so you’re looking for another job then?’ LinkedIn has moved on from just being a recruitment website, but this repositioning has not been without its challenges. It has developed into a website which is still heavily used … Continue reading Will LinkedIn’s Repositioning Work?

Inbound and Outbound Marketing – What’s the Difference?

It is not easy to try to think of a world before the internet, and in the world of marketing that is even trickier. The evolution of the internet as a marketing tool has changed the way that marketers execute their marketing and changed the way that audiences experience and interact with that marketing. Every … Continue reading Inbound and Outbound Marketing – What’s the Difference?

Why You Need Marketing Automation

Why Do I Need Marketing Automation

The internet has transformed the world of marketing: digital marketing is more measurable, dynamic and personalised, making traditional outbound marketing look clunky and ineffective. However, for all of the opportunities that digital offers, there is an important impact on the resource of marketing teams. More opportunities not only mean more financial resource, but also more … Continue reading Why You Need Marketing Automation