“I worked with Justin for a short period of time, as he took charge of one of the major franchises within the Lookers network. From the outset it was clear he was focused, with strong knowledge of Digital Marketing principles. This was highly evident and understandable given his campaign experience from previously working on Coke Cola.

From the moment ownership of the account was passed to him, Justin made a point to enhance all activities and was successful in taking it up a level.

Whilst I didn’t work with Justin on a daily basis, every time we met for meetings he was extremely friendly and personable. A great guy to work with.”

Chris Surridge, Strategic Digital Marketing Planner, GForces (Digital Marketing Agency)

Chris Surridge

“Justin has worked for us developing and executing a strategy around our digital marketing – for our website and social media platforms.  He has set direction on the purpose of each social media platform, and what content we should be publishing on them which has given us a much clearer idea of what social media can deliver for us, and driven engagement of our audience.

Also, he has worked on the development of our new web-site with our Marketing and Communications Manager, and has made sure that the site is optimised from an SEO perspective and from a human usability perspective.  He is very proactive with new developments, and is able to see how they can be used beneficially for Assured Events.”

Karl Perry, Managing Director, Assured Events

“Justin is a very confident and capable individual who consistently delivers high quality work even under extreme project deadlines. Justin is also very innovative and is able to come up with creative solutions to even quite complex commercial situations. And on a personal note i have always found Justin a good person to have around the team due to his postive and can do approach.”

Dave Russell, Associate Director, Coca-Cola Enterprises

“Justin is extremley articulate in his approach to anything he does, I had the pleasure of heading up a project team of which Justin was a key member. His attention to detail is first class and his analytical skills are excellent.  He will always go that extra mile and has never missed a deadline which is key when running a project, he is also honest has great integrity and will deliver against his objectives.  I am more than happy to explain further if required as a referee.”

Eddie Renshaw, Business Controller, Coca-Cola Enterprises

“Justin is an extremely likeable and hard working member of any team. He is extremely task focused, diligent in ensuring work is completed to time and is very good at managing and delivering projects. He has a variety of experience at CCE across a number of functions and channels. He is a great team player who will pick up tasks outside his remit if it ensures the collective team goal is delivered.  Justin has a strong presenting style – calm, measured and informative and demonstrates a real understanding of his subject. His written communication is always logically set out and the tone always well pitched. His completer – finisher approach is an asset to every team and the output of his work is always of an excellent standard.”

Laura McKechnie, Special Project Controller, Coca-Cola Enterprises

“I have had the pleasure of working with Justin during a large implementtion and change program. Justin was fundemental in in driving key initiatives and took full responsibility for ensuring the success in the areas he was responsible. Justin is a great person to have in a team, not only for his ability and skill to deliver, but he is also for the fact he is a dam decent fella! ”

Helen Hopper, Operations Manager, Coca-Cola Enterprises

“Have worked with Justin on and off for several years, and have always found him totally reliable and happy to take on extra tasks if required.”

David Puttock, Business Development Manager, Coca-Cola Enterprises

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