To find more detail about the companies that I have worked for, please see the drop down menu by hovering your mouse over the ‘About Me’ tab.

Here are some of the key skills which I have developed throughout my career:

  • Experience of digital marketing from both client and agency perspective
  • Knowledge and expertise across a wide variety of digital marketing disciplines – including ecommerce, affiliate marketing, search engine marketing, social media, email marketing, web analytics, web development
  • Web development through thorough understanding of web analytics, successfully developing tools to help organisations become more transactional / ecommerce
  • Use of social networks and their applications to drive engagement
  • Trade marketing experience
  • Commercial expertise through understanding dynamics which will contribute towards the business bottom line
  • Ability to build relationships quickly and influence at all levels
  • Insight identification and development into strategy and tactics
  • Training experience to large groups
  • Strategic man management – objective setting, providing direction for large number of teams
  • Tactical man management – development of individuals through one to one meetings or small training sessions
  • Commitment to my own personal development

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